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Here at Hypno-University you’ll find professional self-paced Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Mesmerism training programs supported with substantial training manuals and a huge student training and resource centre. 

We don’t offer overpriced so called “Master Training”, because the truth is that to become a Master of anything takes years of study dedication and real world practice. What we do offer is practical and easy to learn Hypnosis - Hypnotherapy, and Mesmerism training.

There is a big difference between information and knowledge. We will give you all the information you need to learn at your own pace so that you can turn it into knowledge. 

At Hypno-University you will learn Hypnosis or Mesmerism, get professional mentoring, or gain access to 100s of hours of training videos, PDF books and information you need to eventually become a master.

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All Hypno-University trainings are formatted taught and presented by Rick Collingwood. His three decades of hypnosis/hypnotherapy training and clinical practice makes him one of the world's true master Hypnosis and Mesmerism trainers.

No false promises and no outrageous claims. Get easy to learn down to earth no fluff effective training from one of the worlds most talented hypnosis experts.

You can study at your own pace for:

• A Diploma of Total Resolution Process (TRP)
• A Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy
• A Diploma of Mesmerism
• A Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy
• A Certificate of Mind-Body Healing
• Get Proven Hypnotherapy Protocols

If you are already an experienced or practicing hypnotherapist, you can join The Student Resource Centre and gain access to 100s of filmed live in class videos and specifically selected hypnosis and mesmerism PDFs.