Course Overview

What is TRP?

TRP is a five-session combination mesmeric-hypnotherapeutic process used to address specific issues in a client’s current setting.

It requires the practitioner and client to work together to identify the issues that are currently in the foreground for the client, and to establish the order in which they should be addressed.

Once the issues and priorities have been established and clarified, the practitioner and the client work towards an agreed resolution using hypnotherapeutic techniques.

The TRP sessions enable change by gaining access to the client’s higher mind and then proceeding in an individualised step by step manner to achieve identification and resolution of the relevant issues. 

The TRP Protocol

The practice of TRP is based on the traditional methods of mesmerism and hypnosis, and the application of accepted psychotherapeutic methodologies. The mesmerism tools of fascination, passes, and stroking are applied using one of the five primary magnetic methods and are combined with the verbal hypnotism practices of induction, suggestion, deepening and enforcing. The weighting of each of the various techniques is dependent on the issues to be addressed, the client’s wishes (and capacities and capabilities) and the therapist’s expertise, intuition and empathy.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Total Resolution Process Video Training

    • Total Resolution Process - Vid 1

    • Total Resolution Process - Vid 2

    • Total Resolution Process - Vid 3

    • Total Resolution Process - Vid 4

    • Total Resolution Process - Vid 5

    • Total Resolution Process - Vid 6

  • 3

    Total Resolution Process Training Manual

    • Total Resolution Process Manual

  • 4

    Mesmerism Fundamentals 2020

    • The Difference Between Hypnotism & Mesmerism

    • Mesmerism Demonstration

    • Gaining Awareness

    • The Forest

    • Presence

    • The Gaze

    • Tapping Enteric Points

    • Enteric Hand Gestures

    • Passes & Stroking