Course Overview

Learn Comprehensive Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Techniques 

Created from almost 30 years of professional experience, this training is perfect for people interested in becoming a competent professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, for self-improvement, and for therapists looking to gain new skills as an addition to their present modality. The curriculum comprises of professional comprehensive training manuals and specific training videos.

Study in your own time and save a lot of money. Proceed step by step through the comprehensive and professionally developed curriculum towards the final “Open Book” examination to earn full certification of the academy’s Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy. 

The training curriculum includes comprehensive training manuals and “Live Filmed” demonstration videos with real clients. You’ll have access to hypnotherapy methods and therapy scripts. They can also be used as inspiration to come up with your own scripts or as examples on how to approach treatment of the many different issues covered.

The Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy is formatted and delivered in a manner to ensure all students become exceptional hypnotists and hypnotherapists. 

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Videos

    • Clinical Session 1 - Confusion Induction & Ideomotor Signal Communication

    • Clinical Session 2 - Hand To Face Induction

    • Clinical Session 3 - Confusion Induction & Deepener

  • 2

    Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Manuals

    • Training Manual 1 Part 1 - Practical and Historical Information

    • Training Manual 1 Part 2 - Practical Hypnosis Information

    • Training Manual 2 - Inducing Hypnosis

    • Training Manual 3 - Hypnotic Instructions - Suggestions and Metaphors

    • The Great Big Book of Scripts